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Our mission

to connect 1,000,000+ participants to self, source, family & community through life-altering programs & experiences.

What we do?

We Create Committed Stakeholders

& Self-Sustaining, Connected Communities

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Our approach

to violence


Our approach to violence prevention is to create “Connected Communities” by providing transformational programs that reconnect youth with themselves, their higher purpose and their inner power to disappear gun violence and gang culture within their own communities.

Connected Communities are those that have strong social connections between individuals, families, and organizations within a given geographic area. These connections are built on trust, shared values, and a sense of belonging, which enables people to work together towards common goals.

Our emphasis on "Connected Communities" recognizes that social disconnection and isolation are significant contributing factors to the perpetuation of violence and gang culture.

Our world vision

“communities are safe, self-sustaining and thriving, led by resilient and influential community stakeholders who drive lasting transformative progress. Through our commitment to personal, economic, and business development, we have created a global network of prosperous, inclusive, and socially responsible leaders."

We focus on 2 key objectives:

Youth Empowerment: Empower and equip young individuals with essential leadership skills, social & emotional intelligence training and the confidence to become influential leaders within their communities.

Community Engagement and Support: Fostering a sense of community through engagement and support programs, enabling moms to connect, share experiences, and access resources.

how we do it?

Our Team

Tiffany Smith, PMP


Tiffany has worked in the community for over 20 years as a serial entrepreneur offering business consulting & real estate services to her community because she believes in economic empowerment. She’s always had a passion for community development & empowerment and after her recent tragedy of losing her youngest child to gun violence she’s committed to reducing the economic disparities that result in senseless violence such that not another Mother has to experience her pain.

Phoebe Lydia Bailey, PhD

Educator/Social Architect

Phoebe is a Social Architect who designs and brings into being organizations that serve both the marketplace and the soul of the people who work within them. Where the architect designs physical space, the social architect designs social space. In today’s world where energy is everything, Dr. Phoebe creates the space for magic & miracles, execution and performance!

Elisheva Ray

Public Relations/Marketing

Elisheva's expertise includes: event planning, establishing and maintaining strong relationships, marketing, branding, Internet-based applications, and public speaking. Being a mom of a teenage son herself, she agrees with Cameron's mom, Tiffany Smith, that the issue of gun violence is a "we" problem. In her spare time, Elisheva loves to dance, journal, read, socialize, take walks in nature, and facilitate wellbeing workshops for women.

Kristin Lancaster

Accountant/Change Agent

With over 18 years of experience in accounting and finance, Kristen is committed to contributing her skills and resources to furthering the organization’s mission and being an agent of change within every organization and community touched. Kristen is a native of Atlanta and a lover of all things “Old Atlanta”. As a mother of two boys, seeing Atlanta become a safer city is paramount in her decision to join the Forever Cameron movement.

Domika Thomas

Public Health Advocate

Healthcare professional of 15 years with experience in Grady and Emory University Health systems serving cancer and dialysis patients. Readied children, adolescent and adult patients for procedures by offering resources and support of anticipated procedures to minimize discomfort and anxieties. Wife/Mother of 3 sons – 30, 24 and 8.

Miriam Green “Angel Mom”

Community Relations/Advocate

Miriam joined The Forever Cameron Organization to add value to our young people so we can end violence, because she believes in the power of community and education to break the cycle of violence. Through her dedication to teamwork she’s committed to providing access to positive alternatives for at-risk youth, mentorship and resources to help them discover their WHY and Talents.

Ultimately she’s a stand for safer neighborhoods for everyone.

Our Partners

Join us in creating

Connected Communities

of Prosperous, Inclusive &

Socially Responsible stakeholders

Here are some ways to get involved:

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We are always looking to partner with existing Stakeholders in the community to multiply our resources, effort and impact.


developing Youth, empowering moms and Strengthening Communities.

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