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Our approach to violence prevention is to create “Connected Communities” by providing transformational programs that reconnect youth with themselves, their higher purpose and their inner power to disappear gun violence and gang culture within their own communities.

Connected Communities are those that have strong social connections between individuals, families, and organizations within a given geographic area. These connections are built on trust, shared values, and a sense of belonging, which enables people to work together towards common goals.

Our emphasis on "Connected Communities" recognizes that social disconnection and isolation are significant contributing factors to the perpetuation of violence and gang culture.

Here's a more detailed explanation of our approach:

  • Social Disconnection and Isolation: In many cases, individuals who become involved in gang culture do so because they feel marginalized, disconnected, and isolated from mainstream society. They might not have access to supportive social networks, opportunities for personal development, or positive role models. This isolation can lead them to seek a sense of belonging and purpose within a gang.
  • Community as a Protective Factor: Strong, supportive communities act as a protective factor against the allure of gangs. When individuals feel a sense of belonging and purpose within a community, they are less likely to turn to violence or criminal activities. They have social connections, resources, and opportunities that can divert them from the path of violence.
  • Preventing Violence at Its Root: While many interventions focus on addressing the symptoms of violence and gang culture (such as law enforcement and punitive measures), our approach gets to the root of the issue. By creating Connected Communities”, we aim to prevent violence from arising in the first place. We do this by offering alternative pathways to fulfillment, belonging, and empowerment.
  • Building a Supportive Ecosystem: "Connected Communities" is about building an ecosystem of support that envelops at-risk youth and individuals seeking to exit gang culture. This ecosystem includes not only the individuals directly affected but also community members, organizations, and institutions working together to provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities for growth.
  • Long-Term Change: The focus on “Connected Communities” is a commitment to long-term change. By fostering a sense of community, you're not just addressing the immediate issues of violence and gang culture but also working to break the cycle, by providing a sustainable solution that can influence future generations.

In summary, our approach of "Connected Communities" recognizes that social disconnection and isolation are at the core of many issues related to violence and gang culture.

Our Programs:

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Youth Development: The Forever Cameron Experience

Our mission with The Forever Cameron Experience is to create Authentic Connections through life-altering programs that connect participants to Self, Source, Family and Community.

The Forever Cameron Experience is a weekend intensive program held quarterly for youths ages 13-17. We use mindful exercises to bring self- awareness and teach emotional regulation. We incorporate fitness/boxing drills to teach resilience and alternate methods of emotional expression. We use Improv and acting activities to teach communication skills and unleash creativity and self-expression and we also walk the participants through experiential simulations that develop critical thinking and leadership skills.

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Community Engagement and Support: Overcoming Grief w/Power

The "Overcoming Grief with Power Program" is designed to support individuals who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. Grief can be a complex and overwhelming experience, but this program aims to provide participants with the tools and resources to manage their emotions and build resilience.

The program is divided into four sections, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the grieving process.

  • Section 1: Understanding grief and its impact
  • Section 2: Coping strategies for managing grief
  • Section 3: Building resilience and strength
  • Section 4: Finding meaning and purpose after loss

Each section includes a combination of educational materials, exercises, and interactive activities to help individuals work through their grief and develop strategies for moving forward with power and resilience.

Click her for more information about our Support Group: The Angel Moms Collective

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